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Our team specialises in strategic marketing planning, outsourced marketing, campaign management and marketing consultancy in the Midlands and across the UK. We have helped B2C, B2B and non-profit organisations to grow and achieve their goals through strategic and measurable marketing.

Whether you need brand insight into why your current prospects aren’t converting or a new marketing strategy that is project managed, implemented and reported on, we’re here to engage, excite and inspire your audience!

How can we help?

Marketing Planning
Having a marketing plan in place can often be the difference between success and struggle. It’s an investment that will get your business back on track by identifying your target market, competitors, USPs and how to get the results you want from structured marketing activities. More info

Outsourced Marketing Services
Time is a very precious resource and you may simply not have enough of it in-house to maximise your marketing. We offer a flexible approach to outsourced marketing that can help you implement marketing activities that will drive your business forward. More info

Marketing Reviews and Audits
Doing the same thing every year makes it hard to see whether it’s having a positive impact on your business. So why not undertake a marketing review and audit with us? We will review your marketing activity to identify what’s working and what’s not working so well and give you the inspiration and ideas so your marketing truly makes an impact! More info

Marketing Project Management
Let us take the stress out of managing your marketing project. However large or small your project, we can bring it to fruition by dedicating the time and resources needed that you just don’t have. More info

Marketing Consultancy Services
A helping hand might be all you need to get your marketing back on track and our experienced marketing consultants can steer you in the right direction. We offer hourly, half-day, and day rates to provide expertise for your unique business. More info

Marketing Director Provision
Director-level expertise can take your business to the next level. Our Marketing Director Provision equips you with customer-focused strategies, designed around both budget and resources, that are actionable and will achieve real results. More info


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What our customers say

I have been working with Bridget and the team now for some time and I cannot begin to explain just how valuable they all are to my business. I am very aware of how important marketing is to EFC Performance going forward and therefore, I only wanted to work with the best who can deliver excellence to both customers and prospects. Their individual skill sets are unique as well as their dedication and expertise in their own spheres. However, combine them all together and you have yourself a very knowledgeable and capable team of people. I am eternally grateful to have them all as part of my business and I truly enjoy their company.
Elaine Frostman-Clarke Owner, Director EFC Performance Ltd
The marketing team has introduced structure and consistency to our marketing efforts. Through their combined knowledge and teamwork, the team has helped us grow our online presence, stay in touch with our customers and reach more of our prospects. We’re consistently expanding our efforts which so far have proved fruitful. Everyone in the team works well together without needing me to chase. They are disciplined and are good at bringing things to my attention as well as proposing new projects relevant to our target market. The team is also easy to get hold of, responsive and open to new ideas.
Elizabeth Adams Managing Director, AWH
“Bridget’s knowledge and experience around enterprise software sales and marketing had an immediate effect on DeltaXML. Bridget quickly brought together all aspects of digital marketing to DeltaXML and we are now making the best of new routes to market. Her focus on ROI and “measurability” have been key aspects of the marketing strategy she has delivered.”
Phill Barratt VP Sales and Marketing, DeltaXML Ltd
“Bridget has been instrumental at getting our marketing sorted out and working. As part of our management team her contributions were invaluable in connecting marketing messages and how those get used all the way through the sales funnel through to winning the client, and beyond. She has some great insights and ideas and just makes things happen. And she always commits herself to her clients… thanks for being part of our life, Bridget.”
Jennifer Raines Founder & Owner, Your Right Hand Finance Team
“Bridget’s help and guidance has been invaluable to our business. As a start up in a busy market we felt we needed to hit the ground running and asked for some help with our website, SEO & social media. After learning in depth about each subject from Bridget, we set about writing a marketing plan, which Bridget made me stick to – I’m so pleased she did because it’s only too easy to get distracted. My business is up and running now but we still retain Bridget’s services to help writing new plans, teaching new hires and getting updates on what’s hot and what’s not.”
Ian Weston Managing Director, Mark3D UK
“I can highly recommend Bridget. Her expertise is in creating a marketing strategy and then pulling together all the pieces into a workable plan. She’s used to working with tons of data, which often blows my mind, and making profitable results happen from it. It’s always a pleasure to work with her.”
Ben Kinnaird Managing Director, Rather Inventive
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